Help Tammy Help Haiti


Once again the world has been saddened by disaster. The earthquake that has devastated Haiti has been the focus of the news yesterday and today and captured the empathy of the world. The emotional pleas of people searching for missing loved-ones from this country, the news that a Kitchener, Ontario woman was a victim of the tragedy, brings it to light that this is not only a Haitian tragedy but a world tragedy. Over 0ne hundred thousand people lost is too much to imagine, certainly my mind can't comprehend this. The ones left behind to mourn, an even greater number, can one even begin to imagine their pain?

I posted on Face Book "What can I do for Haiti?" and almost simultaneously, and not in response to me, a friend posted a link to a website that had that purpose in mind.

Tammy has been helping Haiti for a while but now she's is increasing her efforts. Tammy Babcock, Founder is a 32 year old humanitarian who had decided to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

Tammy first visited Haiti in 2009 and was appalled at their living conditions. She now returns every 2 months to help the people. She provides hands-on care, walking through the streets, offering help where it is needed.

Her goal, according to her website is simple. Clean water, infrastructure building, sustainable living conditions for the people.

Now with the current disaster Tammy has an even bigger job ahead of her. In a few weeks she will return to Haiti with a whole new set of challenges set against the backdrop of this tragedy.

If you would like to help Tammy help Haiti donate whatever makes sense to you. If you are unable to donate, twitter or face book the link and ask others to do the same. This will help the people on the ground. Scroll through her website to see where the money ALL goes to Haiti.


RNSANE said…
Goodness, Breeze, it certainly is an overwhelming tragedy. Haiti already suffers from the most abject poverty and this earthquake will make life near intolerable for the citizens of that country. We must open up our hearts and give generously to this island country that shares its space with the Dominican Republic.
Debbie said…
thank you for this post! it is hard to know what to do..where to start!!