Help Bloggie World Family~Entertainment Ideas Wanted!

Photo Credit April Lindfors; From the book Wind Rhymes, Poetry from the Breeze!

Isn't that photograph fantastic? It has nothing to do with this post but it has a celebratory feel to it so I thought, why not!

Now to the topic at hand! I love parties! I'm an extrovert and a natural celebrant! But I'm not usually the planner of a more formal event type party! Yet that's what I now find myself doing. I'm booking a room at a local church and on February 20th I will be hosting a book launch party to celebrate the release of my first book.

Now I am way outside of my comfort zone. So help me friends remembering that I am working within a budget. So far I've got a room and know that I will put an ad in the paper.

It will take place at 1pm until 3pm but I have the room for the entire day. is where you come in.

Food ideas: Simple finger food. Tea and Coffee...more?

Entertainment: I would love to have the photographer sing but she's in another country so I'm going to play her music.

Door prizes: Copies of my book with a candle, hot chocolate pkg in a mug wrapped prettily.

Decor: No clue

It's a small room with direct access to the kitchen through a window type serving place

I will have help.

So this is the help me flesh it out! There must be some super duper entertainers out there.

I'm on a shoestring so always keep that in mind!

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