Harold J. Parsons

My brother, Derek with my dad a long time ago.


I take every step, mindful of your presence, full of your essence and conscious of your acceptance.

You inspired my heart, moulded my soul and left me strong enough to carry on without you.

I will miss you always and be grateful you were my dad. I am who I am because of it.

I am mostly sad for those who didn't know you. I was one of the lucky ones.


Molly Potter said…
He looks like one lovely, open-faced, warm, smiley dad.

Touching, directly from the heart words...what a dad can give
Shadow said…
beautiful tribute!
What a beautiful post!!! Your Dad must have been a rare and beautiful soul!!! Guess what, my friend? The MOST beautiful book filled with lovely poetry arrived in the mail yesterday!!! I can wait for a quiet moment to dig in!!!! Looks fabulous!! Thank you! Thank you! Love, Janine XO
Oh Janine..I'm so happy that it came! I hope you enjoy it. They've all been mailed now but you're the first one to say they've gotten it!

Grumpy Old Ken said…
Have a good new year. Have just watched your sugar video. Me watching that. Well done! Makes sense but no mention of beer, three pints a day!
Three pints a day? Then you should be Happy Old Ken! lol

I'm of the opinion that Guinness is good for you...but perhaps not so good for the waistline uh?

Sylvia said…
Lovely! He must have been a brilliant dad!
Debbie said…
Beautiful post!!! I got my book! thankyou!!!!!!! so excited about it!
Oh Debbie...I'm so happy you got it ok! I'm always nervous it won't show up somewhere! Enjoy!

Lovely post to your dad. What a handsome man.
You are both lucky it seems to have spent time together.
Cam said…
Isn't it amazing? The impact someone can make on your life? The way they stay with you, long after?

Mine was Robert Hill Fisher.

And, I miss him every single day, still.