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Greetings! Well 2010 is underway! We have had a busy weekend and I apologise for my lack of presence here! Today the kids went back to school and I had a voice over and a shoot and then the two stand-ups to do. It was freezing but I'm getting better at the stand ups..only took two takes for the last one! See the picture above? It has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted a little slice of summer. It's so Canadian cold brrr. Love my country, hate its winters.

I did a fantastic story today on a local organisation who has residences and services for the intellectually challenged in our community and my producer and I attended their music program! It was so much fun and I do enjoy the opportunity to attend this sort of event and meet the people. Everybody is so excited to see themselves on television on Friday, way more excited than I am at this point! They had just received a grant for some furniture for the day program facilities and it was a great celebration!

Did I mention that I recently won a book from Hay House? I will read and review it for you when it arrives. I cannot wait to read this book, it looks really good but that's all I'll say about that for now!

I also have a couple of exciting things happening this month. I've been asked to participate in a virtual book tour for the Michael Jackson Anthology Goodbye Billie Jean, the meaning of Michael Jackson and will be doing the opening and closing posts on that tour! I'm thrilled because I love this project and I love this author's work!

Right now I'm looking for a venue for my book launch party! I think I'm going to ask my neighbour(a minister) if I can rent a room in his church. It's right on my street! Any entertainment gurus out there, I welcome suggestions!

This is the first post since New Years Day and I am remembering how good it felt to start the day off having given something away. So today, I made a "resolution" of sorts and that is to start every day by giving something away, not necessarily material things but sometimes! Perhaps a small donation to a cause with my credit card online, perhaps a quote on a blog to cheer someone up! I just think it's a perfect way to start the day!

And in light of this resolution, I thought I would pass this along to all of you!

Today I received an email from Hayhouse Publishing that I thought I would pass on to everyone here. I will be "attending" this special "I Can Do it" Online program! For those who are unfamiliar with Hay House, the I Can Do It conferences travel all over North America and the authors from Hayhouse speak. It is a weekend of inspiration and joy and people leave reborn. I was fortunate to attend the last Toronto conference with a friend to see Dr. Wayne Dyer speak and the chance to hear the other authors is something I cannot resist, particularly for the low cost of $20! So if you need some positivity and inspiration spend Wednesday and Thursdays soaking up the wisdom of this collection of brilliant writers and speakers!

Have a fantastic Day!

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Debbie said…
you have so much going on and it all sounds wonderful..other then the cold!!!:)
April said…
So awesome, yes you are wonderfully busy. I love that picture by the way.

That I Can Do It online thing looks awesome...!
Congratulations on the new work and the award of a book. Cant wait to hear about it.
My 18 year old works at a home with challenged adults and loves it! she is so great at it too. I can just see the women she works with and how happy they would be to see themselves on TV. what a great project you are starting too to give the gift of 'giving' I raise my glass to you.
RNSANE said…
Hi Breeze, sounds like you are more than busy! The Hay House online program sounds great but the conferences would be even better, I think.
Shadow said…
what a kind resolution you have made. and you're right, we can give without it being material...
Leigh Caron said…
I too, do voiceovers. Also on-camera. And I write. You're the first person I know who also does all three like me.
Cam said…
I love your resolution, Breeze.

Imagine how much better our world would be if we all set that intention for our lives.

Just amazing...
Molly Potter said…
Buzy Bee Breeze.

Yes your resolution is great. Will you keep a record of them and any responses? My favourite random act of kindness (from the book) was to pay the toll at the Dartford Crossing for the person in the car behind me! I was worried the chap in the tollbooth would just pocket the money and ignore my request..I only got time to stick my thumb out to the car behind.

I wrote a blog aboout a challenge my friend set me. £12 coins to be given to 12 different people that I did not know. Giving money is so outside the social norm, it was much easier said than done!!!!

I won't keep an official tally and I certainly won't post about everything...some things are little things...for example yesterday my gift was a positive response to someone who emailed me asking for advice on how to publish her book. I offered to life coach another online person who is struggling with some health issues for free...I've given away copies of my book, and I'm considering a weekly "advice" post on my blog simply because I often get questions that I answer about email..people seem to want my advice about life decisions so why not?

And I'm looking for a charity to donate part of the proceeds from my book sales because that's important as well.

It's little things but a great way to start the day!

Daria said…
Very cool resolution ... wish all the best.