And the WINNERS are:

The two winners of a signed copy of my book Wind Rhymes; Poetry from the Breeze was just pulled out of a bag. The first name was drawn by my six year old Sophia and it was Shadow! The second name, pulled out by my very eager four year old Martina is RNSANE! This scientific method was audited by me and found to be completely objective and fair!

Congratulations to Shadow at 1 Door Away from Heaven and RNSANE at rnsane.blogspot! Please pop by their blogs to say congratulations and to read their wonderful posts!

Please forward me your addresses so I can get a copy of your prize in the mail as soon as the post office reopens on Monday!

Thank you to all for your support! The book is now available online at Amazon and signed copies are always available through me. Just send me an email! The cost is $15 including shipping to Canadian Addresses and $18 including shipping to US addresses!

Happy New year!!!


RNSANE said…
Oh, my gosh, Breeze, I am so thrilled to win your book of poetry. You know I've been writing poetry myself since I was six ( I'm sixty-five now and I have to confess that it is getting harder and harder for me to be creative - I think my brain is weary!! ). Bless that sweet, little Martina! Maybe this is an indication that my luck will change. I don't know if you are aware that, in February, the mayor of San Francisco made $80 million in budget cuts to the Dept of Public Health and I was one of three nurses at the Child Sexual Abuse Agency to lose their job ( I had been there 21 years )- at 64-years-old! I retired, with a subsequent drop in income of nearly $90,000 a year - that has certainly limited my activities and travel quite a bit! But, hey, there are a lot of folks in the universe much worse off than me....and I did get started blogging in September which has been wonderful.

Now that I am on such a strict budget, I don't buy many books so it is such a thrill to win something and a book of YOUR poems, especially so. Perhaps this will be a change in my luck...I will view it as an omen.

Blessings to you and your family, dear one...may this year be filled with all good things!
Shadow said…
oh wow, what a wonderful gift this first day of the year. thank you sophia!!!!! and you of course, i'm looking forward to the read!
Sylvia said…
Congratulations to all the lucky and deserving winners. I wish you love and success for your 2010. All the best.
Debbie said…
can you email me you address?
does a check work?? I could do amazon, but I would rather it was signed!!:)
Thank you Debbie..I've moved a book from the for sale pile to the sold pile for you and emailed you! All of your support is greatly appreciated! My dream has come true and I know all of yours will as well!

Unknown said…
Shucks!!! I wanted to win!!! (insert pouting temper tantrum ;)

Glad I ordered your book online though. Should be coming in any day now!! :)

Happy New Year!
Thanks for your support!

Lea! You are awesome! Someday we'll meet and I'll sign it for you! Did you order on Amazon? Let me know how your experience with them goes. I'll be buying your book as soon as it's published..but you know that!
I've always had good luck with Amazon orders but you hear stories.

Darn, I wanted it. Congratulations to the winners. Breeze I love the picture.. Deliverance, and don't happen to keep your books in alphabetical order do you?
Happy 2010
Unknown said…
Happy New Year! Thanks for following my blog! I see you're almost to 100 also! I was reading your bio...I love all things Jane Austen too!!
Molly Potter said…
Just repeating myself at yours....

If I was names after air movement, I'd be 'Waft' and be jealous of people called Breeze.
Mary said…

Congratulations to the winners. What a delightful way to chose the winners. I'm sure your little ones were proud to be part of it.

Washington was fun. Be sure to stop over and check out the photos we took at the Horticultural Building. The displays were magnificient.