These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

If you like walking with one good heel. So I spent Saturday shopping. I'm not a fan of shopping. I'm not a good consumer at all but I had a few Christmas dollars to spend and I'm running out of time. So I take my 3 girls off to Kitchener, the BIG city about half an hour east of here.

I have a dear friend who works at a place where they make saddles for horses. One of my winter boots were torn at the seam so I dropped it off at her place. I was wearing my other boots, fashion boots, little short ones with a heel. I had finished(thankfully) and as I got in the car somehow hooked my heel into the floor of the car and broke it completely off!

Now I have other boots. They kinda look like this.

What's wrong with those you ask? They are warm and perfect for this cold Canadian winter I keep complaining about. They will keep the wind out and my toes perfectly warm while I wrestle with the snow blower and the shovel.

Yes they are quite sufficient. Unless you are interviewing the Member of Parliament! Yes, on Monday I get to interview the MP for this riding for our New Year's eve news special and the only boots I have are those GARGANTUAN boots!

Now with the magic of television I'm sure the Camera operator can make sure my boots don't appear but somehow it kind of seems a little off to wear boots like this to meet the Member of Parliament.

Can you picture it. There I am in this nice outfit, dressy pants, pretty cami with a jacket, nice dressy scarf, hair and make-up to perfection for television ...and then these massive, perfect for giving the hubby a swift-kick-in-the-butt boots. It's not going to work is it?

Oh and did I mention that it's an indoor interview? Yep..I could wear shoes except, getting into the office will require going through the parking lot and well, I need boots for that because this is Canada, this is winter, and there will be snow or ice. Either I'll fill up my pumps with the white stuff and lose a few toes to frostbite or slip on a patch of black ice and go arse over teakettle, pumps asunder! Either way the impression on the MP would not be the one I was going for.

So that was my dilemma and then I remembered! Walmart is open 24 hours. It's 30minutes away but my older daughter and her friend are here to babysit, it's a beautiful evening and I need boots! So I bought a nice pair, almost like the ones being repaired, they are actually warm though dressy and will look fine under my dressy pants. They are kind of like these.

So bring on the Member of Parliament! Heck bring on the Prime Minister, wait, no never mind, not fond of him. So forget that, though these nice new Walmart boots might be perfect for kicking some Tory butt!

This kind of thing seems to happen just a little too often. I swear the universe gets bored and says "What if we..." and then sends these little comedy of errors our way just for laughs. But thanks to the greed of Wally World, I've got boots and I don't have to risk my life tomorrow in miserable weather to do so!

I am out a few bucks but now at least I have back up boots! I wonder, can I use them as a tax write-off? There must be a "impress the MP with nice boots exemption!"

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Debbie said…
whoo hoo! LOVE the new boots so much more!:) knock em dead!!!!
Kerry said…
ohhhhh, i love the look of your new boots.

I love boots all together, and they are amazing. We can't get them like that here, well not where i live anyway, as there is absolutly no need for them. But i would wear them in winter with out a doubt.
Sylvia said…
I absolutely love those boots! I fell in love with a pair a few years ago and I bought the, even though they were three sizes bigger than my feet. After all, they were the last ones in the shop!
Cara said…
Too funny! I've been alternating between feeling silly in snow boots inside my destination, and freezing in shoes through parking lots.
Cam said…
Are you ready boots?

I love that song! If I have to karaoke, it is my choice. Mainly cause I can shake my bacon and it distracts from my limited vocal range, which hovers around the neighborhood of...flat.

Best of luck with the interview!!
Marguerite said…
I can only imagine what your winter's are like. That was quick thinking and I'm glad you found some nice boots at good old Wal Mart. Hope the interview went well!
Suldog said…
I understand completely. There's little that will distract you from doing a good interview as wondering if the person you are interviewing is thinking, "Wow! This person can't even dress him (her) self! Why am I here?"
They are bootful!
Hope the MP could concentrate on the questions LOL ~ Eddie x