A-Muse-in Me; Photographer April Lindfors

When I started to assemble the poetry for my book Wind Rhymes; Poetry from the Breeze, April from A-Muse-in-Me, who also happens to be a long time internet buddy starting when we were both in a due date club expecting our now 4 year old babies, offered me some black and white photos.

Now you must understand that I have no photography skills. I like digital, take a hundred photos, get one good one! So the offer was immediately accepted.

Then she started to send me some of the pictures she thought might suit my needs and I was floored. I was not expecting such high quality art! They were exquisite and they were perfectly suited. As artists we lean in the same direction though our mediums are different. Her nature photography complimented my poetry perfect.

There was a hitch though. I needed a cover photo in colour. So April set out to take one. When she sent me the photography I was in awe. It was so perfect. The book title "Wind Rhymes" and the photo, an autumn leaf drifing on an errant breeze was so perfect it took my breath away. I immediately made arrangements to change the colour of the book from its original green to the colour of the leaf in the photo. The resulting photo is inspired
So a little about April. Well first of all she is also a poet. She writes on her blog A-Muse-in-Me. She should put together her own book of poetry, her work is certainly worthy but where she truly excels is in her music. Much of her poetry makes its way into song. If you scoot over to my sidebar you will see a little sample of her work. Her beautiful voice marries with her poetry beautifully and she is currently embarking on her singing career, a career that holds much promise and success. I'm anxiously awaiting her first CD.

Being incredibly multi-talented, April has several homes on the web to display her work.

My favourite place is her Etsy Store where you can purchase archive quality copies of her photos including the ones in my book. These pictures are perfect for framing and available in time for Christmas.

Her music is showcased at this blog

Her photography space can be found by going HERE.
but the hub of her work remains A-Muse-in-Me

Please check out these links and support April and her work in any way you can.

On a personal note, thank you April. Without you this book would not be the same, your beautiful photos made it a work of art and your support and advice throughout the process made it that much easier and fun for me!

Congratulations on a job well done!


Cam said…
Hi, Breeze!!

Good to see you, friend! Looking forward to reading up on what you've been up to! Hope you are well and enjoying this holiday season!
April said…
Thank you so much, Carolyn. Also, you are very welcome!!! I know we will work on more projects in the future, and I truly look forward to that. You are wonderful to work with. And illustrating your book has definitely gotten me thinking about publishing one of my own, too.
Anonymous said…
yay, april and breeze. great pics april.
Maggie May said…
Congratulations on your writing success.
I came over here from Eddie's Sunday Roast and thought the interview went very well and that you answered the questions brilliantly! I also thought that the question you asked him was really funny and he never did answer, did he?
Well I am his sister and her wears............ Oh no, I couldn't tell you that!

Nuts in May