I've been Roasted!

This morning the smoke alarm went off three times. We were completely confused as to what was happening until I signed on to blogger and remembered that Eddie Bluelights over at Clouds and Silvery Linings had the spit turning with me, a veggie no less, roasting over the fire. Powerful Eddie, to set off alarms across the Atlantic!

I rushed over to Eddie's blog to read what he has put together, because you see Eddie takes editing privileges and although he's a lovely man, he can't be trusted with the handle of the spit. I think he left my butt over the fire a little too long!

Being roasted was an interesting process.

First of all he needed a picture. I sent this picture to him from that time I visited Rob Pattinson on the set of Twilight. Tiger Woods was busy that day(something about an emergency room and a golf club in his escalade) so I hopped over for a rendezvous with my favourite vampire and the paperazzi captured a great picture of us. I immediately sent that one off to Eddie because it really captured my good side.

The first set of questions were easy to answer. Just straightforward interview type questions. Not too roasty.

Then things got hot! Eddie decided he wanted to make the roast a little more fiery! And I was to be the first victim, erm, I mean candidate. I agreed immediately because I was distracted at the time, drunkenly removing all the text(sext?) msgs and voicemails Tiger had ever sent me.(another lost weekend sigh)

So I got to answer Eddie's fun questions at the end. I did so to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoyed them.

Then Eddie said I could ask him a question and so I asked him the first question I ever asked Rob Pattinson or Tiger or any of my other conquests(excluding Matt Damon because my friend at Transcript of a Significant Life is very stingy and won't share him at all..grrrr). Boxers, Briefs or Commando? Eddie answered. Or did he? Mmmm..with that non-answer Eddie I think you could run for politics!

Hop on over to Eddie's blog to read the entire roast. Let's hope the smoke alarm stops going off as the windows open at Eddie's Blog!

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Brian Miller said…
great roast today! popped over from eddies and will dig into some older posts in a bit.
Maggie May said…
Well as you have posted a special edition after your Roast......... I will explain again that I thought it was a brilliant interview and I enjoyed the new questions very much!
I particularly enjoyed the question asking about Eddie's underwear. As I am his sister I could probably tell you.............. but I wouldn't do that to him!

Nuts in May
Loved your post my dear.
My humble laptop I was using this afternoon was quite unequal to accessing you blog and the smoke detectors.
Makes me feel powerful setting off smoke detectors from way across the pond.
Oh I did not answer the question did I?
Well I am a good boxer and a born commando but I prefer to be a little brief in my reply! LOL
Glad you liked the roast,. another good one next week as well.
Thanks again ~ Eddie
Sylvia said…
Oh, my God! Is that you with that "cat"? You are beautiful and he... (Sigh) :)
Sylvia said…
Let's add - I know no other word... HOT!
Congratulations on your poetry book and on your roast!!!! You are hilarious!!! And I'm sure your poetry is fabulous!!! Can't wait to read more from you!! ~Janine XO
Debbie said…
what a cute post!!! so much fun to read!
Debbie said…
breeze, I left your blog to read the roast and I had to come back to tell you how touched I was by what you shared!! What an honor..from someone whom I admire! thankyou!
Jackie said…
Hi! I'm here from Eddie's blog. You are a smart woman to go over and check on his editing privileges. What a character he is. But we wouldn't have hiim any other way.
I love your response to his questions...especially the one about being yourself as a blogger...and don't try to be anyone else. Well said. Very well said.
I also noticed that you didn't get a straight answer from Mr. Bluelights. Well, surprise, surprise. (Not!) He is a hard one to pin down...but again, we wouldn't have him any other way. Congratulations on a lovely roast. May your blogging continue in a wonderful and tremendous fashion. Have fun with it... You have a delightful sense of humor...
Smiles from Jackie
Joanna Jenkins said…
Stopping by from Eddie's to say hello. Nice to meet you.

Great job on the interview and roast. You two are good together!

Congratulations on your book publication! That's fantastic!

I'll be back again soon. Happy holidays.

Kerry said…
Your post is fantastic, and I popped over and read your roast post as well.

What a great read.

I love that you picked Lisa as a possibly roast candidate...that would be hilarious.

Very entertaining.

xx Kerry
Unknown said…
I popped over from Eddie's this morning also. What a great roast. I loved your writing style : ) I also love your perfect day. I hope it comes true soon! : )
Loved all the comments, Carolyn, plus your very funny post which I read twice LOL
I'll roast you again one day when we are rich and famous LOL ~ Eddie x
Unknown said…
I would love a chance to win your book of poetry; I've already commented on the roast!
RNSANE said…
Loved your Sunday roast and I would certainly like to win your book of poetry. My blog site,
Carmen's Chronicles, is at http://rnsane.blogspot.com!
Marguerite said…
Hi Breeze, I loved your roast and especially liked the way you gave our dear Eddie, a taste of his own medicine. lol (love your sense of humor) I see that he is still skirting the issue, here in comments! Congrats on your book of poetry, I can't wait to win it!
Mimi said…
Wooeee!That's some picture!
Enjoyed your roast loads, but, as I said on Eddie's (yes, I want both chances of winning your book of poetry!) I'll kill the pair of you for mentioning ice cream just when I'm trying to be good in the lead-up to the Christmas feast!
Look forward to reading some of your old posts over said season, when work won't interfere.
Loved Marguerite's comment - it really cracked me up! LOL
She's still on about my under garments!!
She thinks I'm a boxer he! he!
Oh God this is funny!
There am I trying to get an early night and I am rivetted to blog land - can't get away from it.
See ya!
Anonymous said…
Here from Eddie's glad to meet you!