Indigo; An excerpt!

With all of the excitement of the poetry book I almost forgot about the novel! I am currently working on Chapter 20 of the third draft.

Here is a little sample from that chapter set at the Royal York in Toronto in 1989. I hope you like it.

"He leaned back against her legs where she sat, wrapped warmly in the deluxe white robe the hotel had provided and laughed along with her, the yellow haze of peace falling like a flowing wave of warm caramel from his brow downward. He handed her the joint and she finished it tossing the tiny remains in the lead crystal ashtray.
She stroked his long jet black hair gently and relaxed into the twin feeling. Their connection grew in the silence as the sweet mellow sounds of Jackson Browne filled the room. They both became lost in the smooth voice of poetry married to music that filled the luxury suite. They stayed that way for a long while until life and the city and the waning buzz drifted them gently back down. Then later they slept in the large king-sized bed, curled together like happy contented children. Neither of them ever slept as well as they did together."

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