For Those Having a Rough Christmas

This holiday isn't as happy for some as others and this song reminds me that this happy Christmas for my family may not be the way others see it this year.

Here is a my favourite Christmas song sung by Robert Downey Jr. dedicated to those having a rough Holiday season this year.



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Kerry said…
i hadn't heard that song before, but i really like it. The words matter.

thanks for sharing.

xx Kerry <3
It's a Joni Mitchell song originally...
April said…
Thanks for sharing's a beautiful song. :)
Debbie said…
love it..this year was good..but I have had those moments and its a good reminder that many of having those hard moments as we speak! (or write!) Hope your christmas was blessed!
Anonymous said…
Very neat! This is quite different, but still inspiring, from the other holiday posts I've been reading.
Sara Diana said…
It always good to think of others less fortunate than ourselves, it keeps us grounded, it keeps us from selfish and negative thoughts. We are blessed x