Christmas Wish List

It's a busy time of year and I've been too caught up in the season to think about blogging much...well truthfully I've been thinking about blogging I just haven't been able to think of anything to blog about or to find the time to sit and actually do it.

My email just tossed me the Daily Show's top ten shows of 2009 and Colbert also sent me a reminder of theirs. So I though perhaps I should do my own top ten list.

First I considered doing my top ten posts but then I thought that was a little bit self-important so instead I've decided to post my top ten list of wishes for 2010 for you and yours.

So here it is..what I wish for you for this Holiday Season(whatever you celebrate) and for your life.

1. I wish you health. Without health of body it is increasingly difficult to focus on the rest of life. There are those who chose to find peace and joy in spite of health challenges but I hope everyone finds the ease in having a healthy physical body in 2010.

2. I wish you joy.
I hope that you spend a great deal of your time in laughter over the moments of your life, both the big ones and the little ones.

3. I wish you passion. I hope that you find a way to do the things you love most of all. That you find out the thing that makes you thrill from the inside out, the thing you would do for free.

4. I wish you surrounded by unconditional love. I want you to feel the joy of knowing that you are loved for the divine and perfect being you are. You are a divine spirit worthy of such infinite love.

5. I wish you understanding. I hope that the light of understanding shines on you this entire year so that you may give and receive it freely and completely.

6. I wish you acceptance. I hope that in this world you experience the freedom to be exactly who you are without the judgment of others for your unique qualities on this earth.

7. I wish you the opportunity to serve others. I sincerely hope that you find ways to give or yourself to others in ways that reward your heart in a manner you deserve.

8. I wish you abundance.
I want for you to tap into the flow of everything that is available and have it flow uninhibited to your life as you are entitled.

9. I wish you patience. Infinite patience brings immediate results. The peace of knowing that in this moment all is perfect and that it shall be so in the next is a gift I wish for you.

10. I wish you peace. The peace of living without fear, the peace of living without want and the peace of having a mind unencumbered by erroneous fear and filled only with love and acceptance.

With all my heart, with all of my soul I wish these things for you and for all of your loved ones. I wish it for all mankind and I wish it forever.

From my home to yours, have a very special holiday season!

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and I wish you all the same and more including some Merry Christmas Honks from Herald Square, right outside Macy's !! Honk !!!
Shadow said…
i love your top 10!
Sara Diana said…
and the same for you x
Sylvia said…
Thank you for your wishes; they are completely reciprocal. P.S. I wish you a lot of the good writer's success. You deserve everything!