Writing Books and Writing Poetry: No Creative Flow

Where did my poetry go? It would seem lately that my poetry inspiration has disappeared...I just can't seem to feel poetic and I think it's because I have been directing all of my creative energy into the book.

I love to write poetry, it's my first love and I miss it yet this morning nothing came yet again.

I started to write NaNoWriMo which is national novel writing month, a challenge for everyone to write a 50,000 word novel. I completed it last year and this year I've started the new challenge. I am on schedule at 5000 words or so.

All of the family seems to have recovered from H1N1 and we have the inlaws visiting right now so it's been hectic but fun!

The poetry book is almost set. The photographer is working hard at getting the last of the pictures and she sent me the cover photos she took and they are great. I believe we are waiting on the developing of one roll of film now for one photo..it's getting close, meanwhile keep the comments coming and you will be entered into a draw for a copy!

The rain has been non stop and I'm feeling rather like a big blob. I wonder if my lack of physical activity lately is what is resulting in my lack of creativity. Most likely. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore I looked outside and discovered it was snowing! I really am not a winter person but the snow was a relief after the mucky messy rain. Let it come. It's clean and happy and fresh. I can handle it now until I have to shovel it!

So onward I go, working on the novel today, working on the second draft a little, trying to fine a worthy excerpt to share with you. So far it's not looking good.

I guess the muse will eventually return and my creative juices will flow again. Meanwhile.

I do have a question to all the creative folks. What do you do when you enter a lull in the creative energy? Any tips and tricks for having it return? I'd appreciate any help or this blog will become even more boring than it's been lately!

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Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!


Anonymous said…
Inspiration is a fickle thing.
Unknown said…
Oh heck Bree.....I lose my muses all the time and then they appear again as if they were standing in front of me laughing while I blinked...

How are the girls???
Shadow said…
i read somewhere that even if you don't know what to write, write anyway, first thing that comes to mind, jumbled and all. something will strike up. i tend to sit outside late at night and stare at the moon though...
Jinksy said…
Don't push it! Poetry comes when it's ready, not before.
Clandestiny said…
I can't claim to be a writer of any sort but I tend to do a lot of what Shadow suggested when I get the urge. Just brainstorm! It doesn't have to make sense or be nice or anything. I've got notebooks full of em and every once in a blue moon I think "hmm, maybe I should look through them...see if any strike a chord..." Maybe you should keep an "inspiration notebook" with tidbits...(see here goes my brain again, always brainstorming stuff!) Maybe even just leaf through a magazine, cut out any little pictures that catch your eye for any reason, paste em into the notebook too! Then if your inspiration is running low maybe looking back on them something will spark!