Sun Beams

Hot on my shoulder searing the skin
stroking the music that's playing within
fingertips dancing in rhythmic array
along my nerve endings at the cusp of the day

Sprinkled like salt on the edge of the street
frost patterned leaves dissolve from the heat
hot on my back burning like fire
leaving my senses full of desire

Hovering high like omniscient stalkers
watching the runners, the skaters, the walkers
heating my soul like a spark on the hearth
laughing and smirking with solarium mirth

These are the mornings of coffee and tea
mother earth shares her lover generously with me
and I lay here sated from the hot fingertips
sipping through love-bruised smiling lips

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Karen Baldwin said…
Your writing transports me. Thanks
Jinksy said…
Is this one you wrote earlier, or has the muse returned?
The muse appears to have stopped by this morning....
Sylvia said…
This is a post to warm our hearts. Bbbrrrr! It's been so cold, lately, here! Thank you!
Beautiful poetry, Breeze - I really must come here more often ~ Eddie
Clandestiny said…
That is a gorgeous poem!! It makes me think about what I call "afterglow" which is that luscious, warm, glowy, satisfied, languid feeling you get...well AFTER if you know what I mean ;)
I know what you's kind of a double entendre' poem..if you know what I mean lol
Debbie said…
beautiful as always! so excited for you!
Cheryl said…
Congratulations Breeze! It is great to return to the knowledge that you are about to have a book published. Howovely it would be to win!
I think I was transported as Em-Musing was.
Thanks sweetie.
Unknown said…
Ha !! "Blinkibreeze!!"
Anonymous said…
the warmth can be felt in your words.