The Saddest News

Can there be anything sadder than the loss of a child? My heart goes out to a local couple, two people I have never met, who lost a child overnight. We are not supposed to outlive our children and it is a cruelty to great to imagine. Hold your sweet ones near and be grateful. I am today.

Unnatural grief, the cruel betrayal
the saddest trick of nature
the loss of the one who was gifted to them
to dance in their lives forever

What tears they'll cry, what darkness they'll feel
as the day breaks with the blackest of truths
the innocent gone, now a black gaping hole
no condolences or poetry sooths

Stolen between noon and forever
in the earliest days of the dance
hello and goodbye in minutes and years
barely given a chance

Sweetest of flowers dance in the mist
where the sweetest of blossoms now bloom
You now are a darling, sweet child of the heavens
taken from here far too soon.

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Debbie said…
so heart breaking! a beautiful poem!
Clandestiny said…
This one and your last post just have me in tears. They're tragic but beautiful!
Chuck Dilmore said…
i don't know
how a parent
survives such a thing...

but i pray
the dark days
eventually open up again.

peace & love, Breeze~
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
agree with Clandestiny, tragic but beautiful poem. I wonder what the parents must be going through.