Excerpt from INDIGO

"Clothes were strewn in surprised piles. The counter held dirty dishes, there was stale water in the sink, the traces of soap bubbles disappearing as the water cooled to a tepid, grey pond. The greasy algae stuck to the sides of the stainless steel sink in a slubby white ring. The beds were unmade and boxes were scattered all over the apartment, as though they had been distributed randomly by some selective tornado. Christianna revelled in the mess. Her nose wrinkled at the smell, tempting her to clean it up, put it back the way it was but she resisted the urge, smiling to herself. She would clean it up in her own good time. It was her secret revenge for the days of living in what she called sanitary confinement."

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Chuck Dilmore said…
feelin' it!

all from words
that you have assembled
for us!

awesome writing, Breeze!
Shadow said…
'sanitary confinement' i like that!
Jinksy said…
I used to have similar reactions to my Mum's OTT cleaning and tidying!
ooh Christianna, I have those moments too!^^

--Hello there Breeze, I missed you! and I'm sure to have missed a lot about Indigo :( but it's turning out very well indeed. I'm sure to do some catching up

Thanks everybody. Finally get introduced to my main female character. Hope you all like her.

"sanitary confinement" kinda chuffed about that one meself..lol.

Unknown said…
entering myself! I love your poetry
Thanks Lia..you are entered! Lots of entries, I copy them down every day! Thanks for the compliment. Hoping it's released soon!