Excerpt from Indigo~The Novel.

I am deep in revisions, working on chapter seven now. Here is a little excerpt from that chapter. This is a love story, make no mistake, it's romantic and corny and sweet. Some of you will love this, those who believe in soul mates and destiny and predistined love..others of you will scoff and jeer and call it utter nonsense.

It is what it is, all points of view are valid. Don't be turned away though, if you are not into romance, while it is that, it's not just that, it has many layers, some of them cynical and mysterious and fun.

I'm a romantic myself. So it would make sense that I would write romance, though, to be perfectly honest, I rarely read traditional romance novels.

"Had they been able to see, through the dense purposeful fog of the night, they would have noticed that a full and powerful moon hung low in the sky. Had they believed, they would have known that great powers had conspired to connect them forever in the moments that their eyes first met. They could not see that they were held, suspended from cosmic puppet strings, that something divine determined their first meeting, designed their lives, made them fall in love. In spite of the fact that they couldn’t see it though, they could feel it and eventually their hearts would be able to name it. They would call it destiny"

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Chuck Dilmore said…
beautiful, Breeze!

love the excerpt - all of them!
happy that things are coming together for you!

Sylvia said…
Great! I'm glad someone mentioned it, and I'm glad it was you! That kind of love is no fiction!
Well I agree Sylvia..I've been fortunate to have two..one that didn't make it in this lifetime and the love of my life now, my sweetheart, who I'm sure was created with me in mind and vice versa...

Mary said…

Enjoyed your excerpt and congratulations on your poetry book being published.