Excerpt from INDIGO~A Cottage Darling!

"She was off plucking a dead flower from a planter and it gave Chris a moment to hesitate and then she offered words that rung fake in her ears.
“Time will make it easier I guess” her mind still on the revelation of the moment before. Oh God, what if this was her fault.
Guilt laid a familiar net over her head, trapping her in its mesh, tangling her with the idea that she had caused this, that she had been the reason he was sad. The reason he had died. She was caught in the idea, the thoughts repeating themselves, dragging her under, drowning her with the possibility that because she had let him go he had gone for good."

In writing a "darling" is a piece of prose that is extra, erroneous, something you particularly love that you have written but that doesn't work for some reason or another. I pulled this "darling" reluctantly from the book yesterday though I can't say for sure it's staying away. Sometimes as writers we become so attached to our "darlings" that we get bogged down, refusing to murder them. Instead of completely murdering mine I exile them to a file called "The Cottage" and this was one that was sent yesterday. I had gone into a descripton of the charater's guilt feelings earlier on and I felt it was simply erroneous to the chapter. It may return though, if I can make it work. If not in this book then my next book, where ever someone is wracked with guilt, because I think it's a bit good. So here is my first "Cottage Darling" excerpt from Indigo!

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