Thinking of Sassy Scribbles in the Philippines; Be safe Sassy!

All of the news coming out of the Phillipines has me worried about Sassy from Sassy Scribbles. The thing about blogging is that you become very close to your blogger friends and the nature of the venue means we get very personal as well.

Now when I hear of orange clouds of dust in Australia or typhoons in the Phillipines it's different. I can put a face to the disaster. A beautiful face who talks about her love, her husband, her work, her life. She's real and there is a lot of trouble.

I see it on the news and it's horrible. I come on here and see she hasn't posted since the 27th and I worry though I'm hopeful it's just the electricity or timing or something else.

Hope you are safe and sound Sassy, thinking of you and hoping you and all those you love are fine!

Pop over to her ">blog and send her vibes and prayers.

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Shadow said…
it's scary how small our world has become and how we now worry about people whom we're close to in mind, even if not proximity...
oh! Breeze you don't know how much this means to me, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I haven't been anywhere unsafe, my husband and our families are ok...but we have neighbors who aren't. You can just imagine being able to survive all this while the others weren't as fortunate, it makes you think about your life's purpose really hard...and that's what I did. I was not able to post, I was too distraught to do so. I even refuse to watch the news at times because I'm just a crying wreck! ... BUT now, after a week and another SUPER typhoon scare, we are OK. OUR prayers, your prayers have worked...the new super storm has evaded us! It's a real miracle.

You see, it was really going to make landfall today, it was on it's course the weather satelite said so, but then it won't. It was blown up north with some force we don't know 'hopefully causing little damage to the northern provinces as the storm have also lost strength.

We are so grateful for the prayers, amidst all this, you will see people happy and are smiling, people are more concerned and helpful with one another, this is the one good thing that the storm had brought us, people are more appreciative of life and of each other.

Many, many thanks Breeze! Take care.

with hugs and kisses from Manila!

Unknown said…
Our world has become small indeed! Glad to hear your friend is okay.

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Oh I am so glad Sassy! So happy you are safe! Saw on the news that the crisis was averted! Take care and stay safe and yes crisis does tend to bring the best of the best out of people!