Think! Be Aware and Be Smart!

I've always sort of marched to the beat of my own drummer who, by the way, is extremely off-beat. I have never been the type to follow blindly along doing things that others suggest without thinking it through. It's likely why I don't subscribe to organised religion, don't take any medications without serious consideration first, don't take any supplements without serious consideration first, don't use herbal remedies even, just because it's an alternative way to do things.

I believe that that a person's thoughts are the single most important gift that one has and that they way you think and the thoughts you possess can change your life in any direction. And in the past when I've run into the "blind followers" I have been less then patient. Lately I've been tempted to engage on the issue of the vaccinations particularly the new one for H1N1.

The latest big thing is H1N1 and the vaccine. Particularly the vaccine. I'm not one to go off willy nilly poking a drug into mine or my children's bodies. In fact, one time I did that and I've never recovered.

Back in 2001 I took one shot of the Depo-Provera birth control injection without researching it. It led to some serious complications. I gained 30 pounds in three months, I bled for 18 straight days, I had serious and severe changes in my cycle for 18 months and since that time my cycles have shortened from their 28 days to a regular 25 days. I feel fortunate that it didn't destroy my fertility or I wouldn't have my beautiful youngest daughters. I know others who weren't so fortunate.

My doctor assured me there would be no side effects.

So when someone says "I trust my doctor" I get uptight. I trusted my doctor, still do trust my doctor actually.

I'm sure all of those doctors who prescribed Vioxx were trustworthy. Problem is they were misinformed as well.

I'm sure all the doctors who told parents to pick up the over the counter medicines for their children were trustworthy as well but now they are not advised for children under 6.

And all of those doctors who prescribe prescription drugs for illnesses are likely also trustworthy yet up to 35000 Americans(way more than is expected to die from H1N1 by the way) died from the effects or overuse of prescription drugs last year.

I trust her to tell me exactly what she knows. The problem is, what she knows often isn't correct. Doctors are not experts on medications. A vaccine is a medication. In fact even the drug companies aren't experts. If they were would they ever have to recall any?

When a new vaccine is introduced, like Gardisil a few years ago, I do the research. Now this new vaccine for the H1N1 virus is coming out and I've done the research, as much as can be done considered it's not researched.

Here is what I discovered.

1. It's not fully tested
2. It's probably safe
3. It possibly has grave side affects
4. H1N1 isn't deadly
5. There is a complication that occurs in 1% of healthy people who get H1N1 called acute respiratory distress..this is what can be deadly.

6. ARD can occur as a complication from any influenza.
7. They don't test for H1N1, they test for Influenza A and presume it's H1N1.
8. The risk groups are different for different groups of people.
9. The drug companies stand to make a lot of money from this vaccine and already have!
10. In Canada the drug companies made a deal with the government that basically says they can't be sued by people if this goes bad. In other words, the vaccine has serious side effects they are off the hook.
11. The vaccine is expected to decrease your chances of getting H1N1 by 20-40% like the seasonal vaccine.
12. In 1976 there was a vaccine disaster when a new vaccine was given to people for a virus H1N1 and there were serious debilitating side effects.
13. Many people fear the virus
14. Many people fear the vaccine.
15. Almost every body is making their decisions from the place of fear.

Now that I've written all of this out forget about it. Don't take me at my word, go see for yourself. You might see something out there that I missed. You might be able to find the number of people estimated to have had this virus, I couldn't find it. You might be able to find out what happens if you take the vaccine but already had the virus naturally but didn't realise it. Let me know what you find out.

But please, pretty please do the research. Take some time, read the stuff. The decision is all yours, no one should ever judge you on the decision you make but don't make it blindly especially if you are making it for your children.

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April said…
Wonderful, thoughtful, and informative post!
Debbie said…
so glad to read your insight! I agree with you..whatever the final opinion least research it and make an educated decision! this was great!!!!