Shifting Ambitions!

The past two weeks have been very productive! I have just reached 87000 words in my novel and I'm getting very close to the first draft being completely finished! I think three chapters will do it although they are difficult chapters, emotionally charged and difficult which is why I couldn't write them until the end.

I worked out a plot twist to give the book a surprise ending and it surprised even me. I wrote it in yesterday added some supporting scenes and yeah, I love it! I don't think you will see it coming though there is a little bit of very subtle foreshadowing.

I've been thinking about ambition and how much mine has shifted over time. Back in the day I worked in business and I was a very ambitious career girl. I earned a diploma in business management, worked for two years for stock brokers, then had my second daughter. After her birth I went to work, selling RESP's, then I worked for two community newspapers, became a massage practitioner and then chose to stay home with my younger children after the caretaker I had for my older children passed away. My husband and I couldn't reconcile to anyone else caring for them and reluctantly I agreed.

So then I made my family my career. I became a member and eventually a moderator for Mothering Magazine's online community MDC and made parenting my full time career. I joined playgroups, read books, birthed at home, nursed for years and finally this year my baby went off to junior kindergarten!

I've always written however suddenly it has exploded and I can't not do it any more. My ambitions have changed. Writing isn't often very financially lucrative but it has so many other rewards not the least of which it is that thing which I feel I was to born to do. I do have a small business that I work at from home but it supplements my writing career greatly, it's called Heritage Makers and it is online storybooking. I'm a consultant for the company.

I used to think that when I retired I would write full time and I'm starting to realise that this was backwards thinking. The thing you want to retire to is the thing you should be doing with your life. You should work at something that you never want to retire from.

I never get sick of it, I never get tired, I could do it all day long and be happy. Reality doesn't allow it but I really could!

True ambition is borne of passion. If you would do it for free it's your passion and it should be a part of your life no matter what.

So if you're feeling a little niggling doubt that your life is on the right path start doing a little more of the thing that gives you joy, make it the priority in your life, something you do first, before all other things.

Be ambitious by all means but be ambitious for that which you are passionate about. Make the work the reward and not the result. It will make all the difference!

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Anonymous said…
Poetry and a novel - you are ambitious!
Chuck Dilmore said…
i love hearing
your thoughts
on writing! feeling your passion!

i love that you are bringing
your labor of love
in for a landing!

can't wait to read you!
peace~ chuck