Salt Water Tears

Salt water tears fall into the sea
as she claims her cruel ransom once more
In her briney green depths lie the now broken hearts
of the families who waited ashore

Farewell to those who risked all for her gifts
sacrificing the ultimate prize
demanding respect, demanding a bounty
overwhelming in scope and in size

Never forget she's the queen of the earth
respect the cloak of power she wears
and may you never leave your loved ones behind
crying infinite salt water tears

Once again we are saddened by stories of loss off the shores of Newfoundland. It is as familiar and common yet always a shock. My thoughts go to the families of all who have sacrificed loved ones to those cold atlantic waters.

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hello Breeze! I missed your poems, this is lovely...sad yet lovely! I haven't heard about the news on Newfoundland as you know I live on the opposite side of the globe, but will definitely be praying for their families...I'm saddened by things like this as you know we've had traumatic experiences about WATER...BUT yes! definitely the human spirit is amazing for being resilient amidst everything tragic...God is good.
April said…
I have an award for you Breeze..stop by my blog to
accept it
Unknown said…
There are few words which can comfort a loss of life when one never sees their loved one again. A lovely poetic lament, Bree. I'm reminded of such like the "Widow's watch" which adorned many rooftops in earlier times.
Anonymous said…
sad but nice write.
Dr. Swill said…
Hello Breeze!

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A fellow tongue cancer patient was sent home to die. There was nothing more than can be done. Cancer survivors ask him life altering questions.

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Peace B
Chuck Dilmore said…
beautiful tribute, Dear Breeze!

having lived
on Mother Ocean
for 4 years, i can relate...
her beauty. her depth.

and always
the nautical prayers
elicit the easiest of my tears.

beautiful pen, there, Breeze~