Now What?

Now what? I've written the first draft of a novel! Things are busy and about to get busier with visitors and birthday parties(my oldest daughter turned 19 today, Happy Birthday sweetie!) my baby has a party on Sunday, birthday is Monday and she'll be four, My sister in law arrives from Calgary on Tuesday which is my hubby's birthday and then his parents come a week or so later from Newfoundland! It's exciting, it's all good and it's crazy busy.

And I finished the first draft so that I could take this time and enjoy it and not feel like I was interrupted.

Except I miss it. I miss not writing every morning, not creating, not being in there with my characters, solving their problems, drying their tears. It's addictive, the creative force and I am sort of at a loss without it.

I have been busy with some television interviews lately, I have two stories on the show this week and one for next week but it's not quite the same, it's fun but not as creative, though I love it. And I got recognised from the show last week which was rather odd, we've only been on the air for a short while.

The poetry book has hit a snag as well, but that's OK, I have patience for that and it's written, there isn't anything else for me to do there.

I had considered entering NaNoWriMo again this year, I won it last year but I don't think I will have the time anyway. So technically this is my second novel but the first will likely never be published. I've lost interest in it.

I feel lost. I feel bored, restless, like something is missing. I know what it is and I know it's coming back but it's really odd not writing it!

Writing 92,000 words was a lot of work, it was hard, but it was the kind of work I love. It was also easy because it was such a joy to do! It's the kind of work that isn't work, the kind of work that is rewarding because it feeds the creative soul and it's the work I was meant to do.

But for the time being it's work I can't do and it leaves me wondering now what? What do I do to feed my soul. I don't seem to have the heart for poetry at the present moment. The weather is good, think it's time to suck up some last minute vitamin D, enjoy some food and wine with the visitors and ponder Christmas presents while anxiously waiting to spend a long winter putting the finishing touches on it!

But I still miss it.

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Shadow said…
pondering christmas presents, aaaaargh!