The Messages Kids Receive

As posted in my last entry, my little girls are sick. I'm a worried mom but I'm trying to stay positive.

I've been inundated with advice, questions, negativity (someone emailed me immediately to tell me that someone DIED with H1N1~who does that to someone whose kids have it?) and all sorts of medical advice.

I am not one to run off to the Doctor for every little thing. I don't even run off for fairly big things. I am a strong believer in mind of matter and have, to this date, been able to self heal every health issue I've had to deal with myself including anxiety attacks. I don't take a lot of herbs and vitamins, I don't take over the counter drugs, I simply understand that my body wants to be well, is a self-healing entity and I let things run their natural course.

I'm also a firm believer in super foods and know that my body gets out of balance when I eat the too much of the fun foods and not enough of the super ones.

When it comes to the children though I tend to be a little neurotic. I get concerned about them. I sleep with them to monitor their fevers and trust my instincts on when it's time to go to the Doctor.

And today we're going to the doctor. I couldn't get an appointment until today but I called my very nice doctor and we arranged for my girls to come in to get their lungs listened to and to confirm their illness as H1N1(which is a formality, she says the only influenza around right now is the H1N1 strain and they have an influenza so...and the treatment is the same either way).

Meanwhile I have sick and miserable little girls and I've been very careful to make sure they hear the messages of self healing that I've come to believe in myself. I tell them they have strong, healthy bodies, that they will overwhelm the virus soon and be back to their strong healthy selves. We talk about delicious super foods like the fruit and Kale smoothie I made this morning with vitamin d-3 snuck in there, we talk about the body wanting to be healthy and always working towards that.

We talk about our Doctor as our advisor but that we ourselves are ultimately responsible for our own health. Sometimes we need medical attention but usually we need to simply maintain wellness in our lives by living healthy and thinking healthy. I believe medical care is important and I am ever so grateful to live in a country that provides it to its citizens. I simply believe that we are responsible for our own wellness and need to be the key decision maker in our health and wellbeing.

I hope to raise healthy thinking as well as healthy daughters. They are always watching and if I rushed to pop a pill into their mouths(or mine) at every discomfort I would not only be stuffing chemicals into their bodies but sending them the message that the body needs assistance always to heal and it doesn't.

As an update, my six year old seems to be on the mend, no fever this morning and her sister is still a bit sick, with a low fever but they slept well and hopefully by Halloween they will be able to trick or treat around the neighbourhood healthy and happily.

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Sylvia said…
I hope they get well soon. Nothing else to say.
Shadow said…
lots of healing thoughts and prayers for the not-so-well one's...
Unknown said…
Breeze...if you haven't..teach them to visualize their healing by doing it with them. If you don't have a plan.....use your imagination to make the banishing of the flu interesting. For the little ones make the 'bug' a funny looking irritating monster who needs to be loved and kindly assisted on its a lost child. Your older girls need to understand that this bug must be acknowledged as a tool to make their bodies stronger and more resistant to future illnesses. Your girls should be able to close their eyes and slip into REM at the theta level almost immediately. Keep their room dark and do this several times a day until the desired result is obtained.

I will do some 'majick' on this end for them. They will be well soon.
I have consistantly repeated the messages that the virus has to live with them for a while but that they must leave after a while. That their bodies are young and strong..I like the assisting them on their way like a lost child..perfect for a kid to understand. I think the majick worked...little one went to bed with fever woke up and it was gone!

They are well now! Finally...tough bug..tougher little cookies!