Happy Monday!

Just a few things as I sip my coffee this morning(freshly ground beans, delicious) and awaken for the day!

Someone asked before if they were still being entered in the draw for the poetry book and I just thought I should mention that everyone who has commented and continues to comment is entered and all the followers and subscribers as well! There is another delay, the actual date is indefinite but soon, I'm patient, it's all written, it's just a matter of three photos and some layout to be set. Then bam, book!

It's Monday! Most people do not like Monday, particularly if they have a job they don't quite want to go to. I don't but the kids go to school so for me Monday is a great start to the week though I admit I groaned this morning when the alarm went off.

Fall is a beautiful time of year but it's been so cold I haven't particularly enjoyed it however this week looks fantastic, mid to low teen temperatures(celcius for you Americans who think that's really cold!) and the promise of some outdoor time. I have a favourite hiking trail that will get a visit tomorrow I think!

So many blessings these days. Good news that my Aunt Christine continues to win her battle against the cancer she was diagnosed with a few months back. Another excellent report from her doctors! I'm not sure there could be better news for our family. All else seems trivial compared to that!

And visitors are coming! My sister-in-law arrives from Calgary on October 27th for a weeks visit and her parents arrive after that from Newfoundland so that their visits overlap! I have very excited little girls who cannot wait to see their auntie Kim and Grandma and Pop!

This is birthday month for our family as well! My sister in law's birthday is tomorrow, my oldest daughter will be 19 on Wednesday(!?!) and my baby will be 4 on the 26th. On the 27th my dear hubby will turn 44. It's a bit crazy with cake and celebrations.

So on Wednesday I have an assignment for First Local Stratford at 4pm and then I meet my oldest daughter for a birthday drink because here in Ontario, the legal drinking age is 19! She's very excited to finally be able to go to the bar legally! Me? I feel old!

Where did I spend my 19th birthday? I was in University and went to the Strand Lounge at the Avalon Mall in St. John's Newfoundland. They did not ask me for Id, how disappointing! I am trying to remember if my cousin Ellen was there with me, her birthday would have been the day before. Anyway, it was too easy and I did not get asked again until I was in my twenties in Buffalo where the drinking age is 21. I was 25 then.

Enough ramblings! I know my blog posts haven't had a lot of substance lately, the novel steals all of my creative juices for the moment...but I'll post interesting stuff another time!

Happy Monday!

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Shadow said…
happy monday... but you're talking about coffee with a delicious strawberry looking cocktail in the picture. now my tastebuds are confused, heee heee heee
I thought of that and left it...coffee now..cocktails with my daughter on Wednesday...I went with the cocktail as that's a rare occasion and I drink coffee every day!
Sylvia said…
Well, have a nice October then.