H1N1 in the House!

I have my two little ones sick with what is likely H1N1. It is definitely an influenza, respiratory infection, cough, body aches, chills, fever, weakness...My six year old Sophia is now on day 3 and Martina started yesterday on her birthday, she turned 4. They are eating, their temperatures are moderate running 99 to 102 farenheit.

Please send all the best healing vibes you have for an uncomplicated case and a speedy recovery for my babies. Mommy is worried as mommies do and doing my best not to let them show. I keep repeating, your bodies are strong and will heal themselves and I mean it.

But extra healing vibes are always welcome!

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April said…
Healing vibes! Let's just send 'em all over :) We are sick here too. Definitely a flu...Jakob felt slightly warm to the touch when I tucked him into bed tonight. It's probably day 4 for us. We are loading up on vit c, probiotics, and we have some cod liver oil ordered and on the way. If you have any monolaurin in the house (derived from coconut oil) or actual coconut oil - that's a great antiviral, as is fresh garlic.
Kerry said…
Sending many healing vibes your way Breeze...hoping that that they have a speedy recovery.