Whispers From an Old Friend

You live in the dreams of my heart
you walk on the floors of my mind
Whispering always we are the same
we're the ones we were each meant to find

The earth bears the steps of our fathers
worn smooth with the pace gone before
I walk that old path for the others
and they'll tread that same path once more

We are the same you advise me
with the voice you send on the breeze
Whispering "I left you there to make room for
the dream that we made in the trees"

Underneath my feet are the ashes
of one who whispers my name
remember my darling forever
we'll always be one and the same.

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April said…
I think this is one of my favorites of your poems. It's so beautiful!!! Is there a story behind it?
Debbie said…
I agree with April..this has to be a favorite!! love love love it!