Where is that summer?

Where is that summer of love and of laughter?
salt water tears and happy ever after
It's drifted away on a tide and a prayer
sailing slowly away on whispy warm air

Free from the chains of the cold of the winters
Deep humid nights breathe of hot love and whispers
warm day slips gently into the dusk
waving its hand with a gesture of trust

The new day dawns bright a cooler-aired morn
and a crispness that belies it's need to be born
slipping languidly into the colours of fall
scarlet canopies foreshadow slumber to them all

The lustre of haze that fizzles and drifts
dances with the sun on the edge of the cliff
it teeters and totters and falls with a crash
into the ocean with a soundless splash

This summer is gone with a silent sigh
leaving confusion and the question of why
and nature blows breezes from out of the north
and encourages rest to the masses henceforth

The walkers tread heavily on crisp-crunched dirt
mulching the food that nourishes the earth
and they bundle up warmer and briskly walk by
as the earth whispers rest is the reason why.

And the summer slips sweetly into repose
on hammocks of cobwebs and snowflakey snows
but the promise of sunshine glosses it's lips
and holds summers unlimited in its fingertips

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