Tuesday Teaser...Excerpt from the book!

"St. John’s is the oldest city in North America. The ghosts of the merchants and fisherman who bartered over the price of the catch, mingle in the fog with the voices of the orphans who had once resided underneath the grimy and dismal boards of the first wharves built along the ancient shore of the harbour.
Wharfangers they had been called. Misery in small packages, these forgotten waifs survived by working for food, selling their souls and their bodies for their survival. Chris thought of them as they walked along the harbour front. Times had changed but this city held the past in its fist in a grip so tight that even now she imagined she heard the long extinct wharf urchins laugh with child-like glee from the warmth of their historic graves and the drunken ghosts that bought them, singing endless happy sea shanties in dark alleys and corrugated row houses

Not so much a teaser but still, interesting. Trying to double check the spelling of wharfangers/wharfingers...it's "J" sound in the middle, not hard "G"

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Sylvia said…
Well, it seems to me - I'm not an expert - that the author is playing with the Language in a very creative way. It looks very interesting. The theme is fantastic.
Thanks Sylvia...I'm the author..these are excerpts from the novel I'm writing.

Shadow said…
...don't know about the wharfangers / wharfingers either. but whichever, you're setting the scene beautifully!
I always like the way you weave words into beautiful pieces of writing, this is just one of them! ^^ It's making me wonder what the novel is all about, very intriguing!