Tuesday Teaser...Excerpt from the book!

A little more this time. I've fretted too long over this one and this is it. Finished. I've seen this building. This is what it looks like. Chapter two...finished...off to start dreaming of chapter three. Not as teasing as the last one...next time I'll find you a teaser.

"The apartment building was dark brown and disappointed. Cloaked in fog it reminded Chris of a grand duchess who has fallen in the world. The former grandeur of the once magnificent home was still visible in its ornate cornices. But its ghosts were unmotivated to haunt and the tenants were equally unmotivated to care for it. The development company that had converted this beautiful old home into haphazard units, forced by statute to install a herring-bone pattern of fire escapes from each apartment to the ground, destroyed any hope for the return of the duchess to her past glory. But, ever a lady, she welcomed them warmly".

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I like this excerpt better than the last ^^ though equally beautiful, the last one kept me sort of hanging in mid-air!haha that's why it's a teaser, right? Almost mind boggling! But this one is very nice, very "picturesque". Keep it up! 'till next time. :)
April said…
Wonderful writing. I seriously can't wait to read the book!
Cam said…
Your writing flows and enchants and sends me into a visual eye candy sugar rush. I've seen buildings that fit this description. I see so many ruins of great, once stately southern homes down here, and I wonder who walked away from them? And, why?

Looking forward to the next bit, even if it is just a tease!!!