New Adventures and Important Stuff.

I'm very happy to announce my latest venture as the director of the newly formed Stratford Poetry Society. I was asked to do this after I was complaining about how isolating it is writing alone, no one to discuss poetry with etc. whine whine complain complain, and to shut me up I'm guessing, the idea was put forward that I set up this association of local poets. It's been successful in other places and I think that our area is rich with talent, hidden in some instances, so with a leap of faith I accepted the challenge and this is the result. With guidance and support from the source that recommended me this is what we came up with. It's a simple blog, easy to maintain and for myself a great way to meet other poets and writers who lurk out there in the community that I wouldn't meet otherwise. Over time we'll be offering classes, publishing and selling poetry anthologies and working with local poets to get their work in print. It's very exciting.

I also, since starting this post, won a contest. I am a member of and I won their monthly contest! It is this one!

But enough about me. I feel lately, because so many things have been coming my way, that my blog as turned into a brag-fest and that is so not what I intended when starting Breezedaze. So I'm going to try to focus for a while on other things, for other people and I thought I would start by introducing my favourite blogs to my readership.

I'm going to start with Cam Her blog is always full of life and enthusiasm and happiness. She's had some hard knocks in her life but seems to have figured out how to turn it around, is excited about the new home that she recently purchased and her positivity and optimism are inspiring. So pop over to visit Cam when you get a moment. I don't usually post awards but I'd give her one if I had one to give!

Actually, I think I'll pop back to the contest above. I joined the Heal Your Life website because of the simple reason that I've admired Louise Hay for years. Louise, was in her sixties when she formed her publishing company, HayHouse as a vehicle to self publish her book. She was terribly abused as a child and pulled herself out of a terrible life and made a great success of herself purely through her service to others. She was one of the first people to work with AIDS patients back when it was such a taboo disease, and she provided counselling and compassion when they were treated as lepers by most people.

If you want to watch an inspiring movie get You Can Heal Your Life. It's amazing and very inspiring and very important to anyone on a journey to self-reliance and peaceful existence.

And also, thank you to all of you who still continue to read and snoop. Things have been slow here with the summer months yet my traffic continues to grow. Your visits and comments are all appreciated.

Or visit Hay House Radio for inspirational programming that promotes peace and positivity in the world.

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Chrisy said…
The Director is such a classy title isn't it! Best of luck with it...I'm heading over for a looky see...