Little Moments; Big Memories

Do you ever sit back and simply marvel at the miracle of it all. Does it ever just suddenly hit you how incredibly amazing life is? I've been walking along and suddenly the clouds, the blue sky, the wind rustling through the trees remind me that this is HUGE, this life thing. It's amazing that we are here. That it is an incredible gift to have a life and to get to live it.

I see many people see life as a chore, as something to get through, they seem bogged down in worry and problems and strife and they have an inability to enjoy the gift they've been given. I've also seen people who, no matter what their lot in life, have an amazing way of living to the fullest, every moment they are gifted.

I've seen people who have life going pretty good who get mired in the possibility of losing it all and not even enjoying their good fortune. Either they're afraid they won't get more or that they'll lose what they have.

The ability to make big memories out of little moments is often the difference between joy and worry, between strife and peace.

Yesterday my littlest girl, Martie, was playing with the phone, talking to Olivia, her imaginary friend. I listened to her conversation which was "That is hysterical, you'll have to tell Sophia" and my heart was smiling at the conversation she was having with the friend who exists only in her imagination! She hung up with an excited "see you later" and informed me that Olivia was coming for a sleepover! How fun!

Children have the ability to make every little moment a big memory. I write down little things they say and do all the time, they become fodder for stories, poetry and just memories for me about the incredible part of life called childhood. Children are our best teachers, they live in little moments. They create their own world by simply imagining it's so.

We, as adults, get so hung up on the outside stuff that we forget that we actually live our life internally. Our problems are only our perception of the events that are going on around us. Our anxiety around an issue is often a bigger problem than the anxiety. I remember writing exams and watching people study and stress and study some more, even to the point of being physically ill, and then writing the exam. I never did that. I always knew enough to pass so I just wrote the thing and moved on. We all passed. The difference between the stressed out students and the non-stressed out students was simply the perception.

So lots of little moments today. Little girls demand it and I love being forced to see the small things. It makes for the very biggest memories! And of course Olivia is here this morning. More conversations to eavesdrop on!

Live every little moment to its fullest and make big memories in them. Stop stressing the little things and even further, stop stressing the big things. There are no big things. There is only life and death and a whole lot of beautiful little moments in between.

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it's tough being adults isn't it? When life experiences have made us doubtful of things and is always asking for reasons on everything ... well, you wrote this beautifully and I agree, we must live everyday as a blessing and appreciate every moment.
Sylvia said…
That's true. I learn a lot from my girls as I did from my pupils every day. Being with children we enjoy life and we NEVER grow old!
Shadow said…
if only us adults looked at life like a child, we wouldn't have half the problems we 'imagine' we do... love your message!