It's Really Real...I'm on Television!

Going out and interviewing people and doing bits and pieces, learning what questions to ask, getting the story and putting it together is one thing, sitting down and watching a well-produced news show that you are a part of, seeing yourself in the very real role of a news reporter is another.

Tonight we had a lovely launch party at the producer's home with all our families, the reporters, camera people, and got to view the very first show of Stratford, Ontario's newest news magazine, First Local!

It has opening music, it has valid and important local news, and it has me! Ok..that last one's a bit egotistical but I must confess to feeling a certain superficial thrill seeing myself on the show. So I'm going to go back to being my own modest self tomorrow and enjoy a tasty spoonful of ego tonight!

Of course I'm just kidding, it's only television and everybody worked hard and did a fantastic job. When I joined the team 5 or 6 weeks ago and the producer said that we'd be doing stories the last week of August we were all shaking our head. But we are. It's real and the first show is finished and will air on Monday.

And I forgot one thing. I've always read the credits at the end of a show. It's a habit but I forgot that this time, I was going to be listed there. That was very exciting! I think that was the most thrilling part!

Stratford First Local airs Monday at 5pm on Rogers Television, Stratford, Ontario and surrounding area.

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Kerry said…
That is awesome Breeze. Congrats big time.
that is so exciting Breeze! I'm glad to be here and know you!^^ there a website I could go to? I wish I could watch but as you know I live halfway around the world!:(

But! I send you good luck on the airing of your show this Monday and Congrats!!! That is really a BIG DEAL you know!^^
Sylvia said…
Yaayyyy! Congratulations.