Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky

Love greets the morn with a heart beat
her heart greets the dawn with a sigh
while dreams fill the mind of his yearning
with wishes that wish they could fly

Distance. The world separates them
whispering this time is not yours
separated by life and by land
and the ocean that washes its shores

She leans on a tree with her body
he stares at the clouds that race by
they both feel the love of the ages
as they stare at the indigo sky.

Eternity is a promise it whispers
we'll meet and be one by and by
and the promises made are not broken
when made under the indigo sky

The wind will dance with the leaves
When we meet again by and by
I’ll come to you when I can
And we’ll love in the indigo sky.

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Sylvia said…
Lovely. A Canadian girl was sent home by the Home Office after having married an English boy. They separated them pitilessly, even though they were legally married. Isn't that outrageous? This poem made me think of that story.
Chuck Dilmore said…
sad, and beautiful.

more touching
since this came
from your heart.

lovely writing, sentiments, Breeze!
That is a sad story Sylvia...and yes, that is what it's about..lovers separated.

Thank you Chuck.
Shadow said…
oh give me an indigo sky.... beautiful breeze, beautiful!