The Hatchling

Scratching at the shell
that defines life
hard, standard, normal
but that chick grew
and stretched
feathers wet with the life's mess
the children she'd born
in the house she cleaned
all defining and shaping
and contributing to
the eliptical hardness
of the shell.
But one day a crack developed
and the light seeped in
by accident or design
the brain that held her spirit
and the heart that demanded "beat"
scratched and dented
and sometimes banged
until eventually,
there emerged
newborn, fragile,
young and old all
without a Ph.d to brag of
or hold her back
with all the wisdom of the ages
and the innocence of the child
bewildered and
to learn
how to be
Ready finally
shell discarded
for others to walk carefully upon
ready to jump
and fly!

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Chuck Dilmore said…
sweet song and
inspired writing, Breeze!

you are going places.
within. without. everywhere you want.