The Gift

Just when you need it most
and you think
it's gone! Grief overwhelms
your heart breaks because you know
this is it, and you weep in silence
for what could have been.
And as you sit there
you open your weeping eyes to see
a little silver string of light
and it lowers as if by
a celestial crane
a sparkly wrapped box gently
that hovers
before your eyes and you wonder
where has it come from?
what's inside?
you grab it desperately
and hold it in your hand
you feel it's crinkly wrap.
The satin ribbons holding it
feel like warm sunshine
and it helps to still
your trembling fingers.
And you pull the strings,
curiosity high
and open it to find
a gift you weren't expecting
filling you completely head to toe,
heart and soul
a gift that can only be given
and can only be received
by a heart that is open
and ready and prepared to receive it
it lifts from it's wrapping
floating before your eyes, unwavering
you can't catch it, but still
you hold it
it's the gift of a promise,
of ultimate faith
of love and peace.
That gift so precious
and suddenly not as rare as you had first believed
is now yours
eyes wide open
heart ready
you allow
to receive
the gift of

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Debbie said…
the gift of hope..perfect! needed... impossible to live without!
Debbie said…
hey! I nominated you for an award on my blog!!:)