Excerpt from the book!

“I wish we could just stay in love forever, I wish it wouldn’t change” she whispered to the wind.

The wind whispered back its honest words. It is not the love that changes. It is the life that moves and flows and separates. It is the human animal that places conditions on love and it is those conditions that alter the emotions gifted to them by the Gods. Love doesn’t change, the spirit always loves, always knows who it loves. Life is the great interferer.

The words of the wind made her shiver.

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Chuck Dilmore said…
wow, Breeze!
very nice excerpt!

you're flying on that wind - i can see!
Shadow said…
i'm definately buying this when you're done writing it!
beautiful breeze! as always! 'can't wait for the next one!
Unknown said…
beautifully worded my dear friend........absolutely.

Did you know that 'Lord' in "Genesis' as written in the old Testament, comes from an Aramaic form meaning 'wind' in one of its original contexts ? the translation to an anthropomorpic came much later.
Wolf...that is fascinating! I didn't know that but it makes perfect sense doesn't it? The wind is my lord..all the answers float to me on the breeze...my daughter named me appropriatedly didn't she?

Deepanjan Ghosh said…
WOAH!!! Supah cool!!! I am greatly tempted to turn this into an audiobook.
Thanks Deep. I"m thinking it will be audio book eventually...gotta finish the thing first...off to make another dent in it!
Anonymous said…
Very, very lovely! I just found your blogs and love your writing. I look forward to reading more.