A Day at the Spa, Nope, Just a Day!

I haven't written a word for three days..and I'm dying here! I so miss it! I"m exhausted today, woke at 3am and gave up and got up at 4:30am and it's now 9:20 and I'm watching the season premiere of House and blogging during commercials.

Today's news...I received my prize from one of the contests I won, a book called the "Core Balance Diet". I read it. I had to laugh. She had written at typical day. 7am get up, shower, do something inspiring for your life, walk for 15 minutes, eat breakfast before work, then drive to work, then lunch, happy thoughts, home from work, walk for 15 minutes, eat dinner, do something for your spirit, read, journal, write etc. and then bed.

And I thought "wait, what about children?" "What about life?" "When do I do the dishes, dress the kids for bed, help with homework, brush the dog, feed the cat, sleep with the husband, watch House, watch the Young and the Restless. Coronation Street, come on!

The book had great ideas. For those who live in a spa. Maybe even for those who have a regular 9-5 job. But for those who work the night shift, or double shifts, two or three part-time jobs. What about those who have 3 children, a cat, a dog, a travelling husband and a house to maintain...not so much!

I get what she was saying. And I'm not one for making excuses for not doing stuff(heck I do everything I dream of pretty much) but sometimes there are "reasons" not "excuses" and I think she missed an important ingredient. For anything to work it must take into account life. Yeah, we often need to slow down, relax, do less, smell the roses etc. but sometimes survival is hard and the best you can do is try to find peace in the life you have.

So back to my real life. Received the book and a bag from Mothering where I'm a moderator.

I also had another poem accepted to an anthology. That was a nice validation!

Oh, and I had a request to list my other blog on a big Therapy list with a lot of traffic. I'll post the details once I have things set up. So exciting news.

And best of all I got to spend the morning alone with my hubby after kids were off to school. I love that man. He loves me. That's my day at the spa!

Tomorrow looms large and bright. It will be a good one. They generally are if you think they are!

Tomorrow I will work on my novel and have a nice little excerpt to post. Meanwhile, enjoy your very real life.

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Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Have a good one Carolyn!
God bless you, Breeze! Congrats on the writing!

Lola the mom/cook/playdate/bed maker/dust buster/linen folder/washer loader/window-dish washer/floor scrubber/storybook reader/working/single mom