Teetering, tottering, tumbling in space
with uneven velocity, backward and forth
refusing to quit, putting on a brave face
setting your charts and marking your course

Languish in despair or dabble in joy
choices appear like rainbows on clouds
outrun the demons or halt life and play
live in the caves or love in the crowds

Pushing the river or floating along
look at the moon or worship the sun
halos that blind in the poet's sad song
whisper the truths that set your pace for the run

Pretend to be you and you will never appear
blinded by the corona when the eclipse is there.

Eclipse, languish, velocity

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Sylvia said…
It's a beautiful, fast-paced poem. Can we ever stop running?
lovely Breeze, I could sense the intensity of the focus one needs in making a decision
Fenix9 said…
Wonderfully intense images here.
Cam said…
Reminds me to sloooow down a bit!!!

Have a great weekend, Breeze!
Debbie said…
Very easy to read not so easily to follow..! alot to process...and amazing!