Bubble Gum; A lame Analogy but Who Cares!

It burst upon me like a pink splatter of bubble gum upon a child's cheeks!


I had been stuck. The novel had come to a halt. I could see my characters, feel them talking, sense their motivation and their faults and failings and strengths but I couldn't make a story out of it. I imagined them in all sorts of scenarios, they go to the bank, they drive, they drink beer etc.(non-writers will think I'm crazy but other fiction writers will understand this I think..they'll still think I'm crazy but they'll understand)

The original story was stale and dull. It had a beginning and and ending(I thought) but the middle was a whole lot of fluff.

Then it came. And my fingers have itched for a week to get started. Finally. I've written a synopsis of it and I like it. Now I have to write the rest of the chapters, rewrite a few that were done to make them fit the new story and then fill them out with the notes and descriptions and little juicy bits I've been storing in my notebooks for weeks. I am currently at close to 20,000 words. I think it'll hit around 80,000 once it's fleshed out.

Feeling stuck? Do some other stuff, clean a closet, ride a bike, swing on a swing. Put it away,literally and/or figuratively. Do something different and just let it go and let it come. It will if you leave yourself open to it. I had decided to let it just go and I was willing to never write the story if it had to be so difficult and lame.

So I'm optimistic again. I've got a second chapter completed, except for final editing and 15 or so more underway. It still might be lame in the end but like bubble gum on a child's cheeks..I'll simply pull it off and start chewing again!

Oh..and I won another prize. Another book. Immediately after I was doing a visualisation exercise I invented a while back. Since this exercise has come to me I have been winning contests left, right, and centre and a bunch of good things have come my way! It's like magic! I'll have to write about it but it's a bit "out there" and "new age" but it's really working for me.

I'm excited! Watch for the next little excerpt already scheduled to post next Tuesday.

And my new motto is, instead of "try, try again" will be "quit, for a while until it's ready for you".

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Chuck Dilmore said…
to feel your energy!
to feel things coming your way!
to sense that you are reeling in your dreams!

and your New Age work?
i am totally down with that!
bravo on all fronts!

you've got the rhythm!
Shadow said…
your 'put it away, do someting different'... it works like a charm.
Wendy said…
Great advice, Breeze. Enjoy the flow from here...