The Book has a Title!

The book now has a title. It is called "Indigo". The reason for the name becomes obvious early on in the story but you will all have to wait. And I'm fickle so it is subject to change.

I've been living with it for a while and it still suits though so here it is. I've also made a space at the sidebar for links to excerpts. Tomorrow will be number two!

I'm really enjoying the process of putting this story on paper and the evolution of the characters to real people is amazing. I'm head over heels in love with my main male character which is important because my girl loves him and she needs to have reasons to do so.

Well those are enough clues. Stay tuned. The writing tumbles forward, the writer follows along...there isn't any choice!

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love the title!!! very catchy - thanks so much for following along over at one of my places - please come back soon!
nollyposh said…
Soundz exciting! X:-)
Chuck Dilmore said…
Beautiful, Breeze!
Unknown said…
excellent miss breeze- i am excited for you xx
Mary said…

The story sounds intriguing. Looking forward to reading more. You Go Girl.

Thanks for the comments on my giveaway post tonight. Your name has been entered in the draw.