Sunday Sonnet


A story for each moment, for each self
broken lips that tremble truth's chagrin
harsh and most triumphant bitter tales
sweetened by the sugar of the win

Pink blossoms touch the depthless dancing waters
battles waged, engaging all life's healing
tossed from hands of mothers, wives and daughters
dotted tears of petalled perfect feeling

Will of steel melds with the dappled liquid
winners of the race for place in essence
coursing down the cheeks of heroes tested
teardrops cleanse the bitter reminescence

Melancholy conquered once more by the glorious
spirits of those ones declared victorious!

I watched a very moving ceremony at the races I attended today. Many of the racers were breast cancer survivors and their spirit, their strenth, their optimism, and the miracle that is the survivor touched my heart. As part of the ceremonty they guided their boats, teams of twenty paddlers and connected them together. Then they held pink carnations aloft as beautiful music played for them. The bystanders on the shore stood in awed and emotional silences as tears flowed freely, a mark of support and awe for the spirit and will for survival possessed by them. Then these remarkable women, who had travelled from all over, from Wisconsin, Nova Scotia and yes, even, as far away as Newfoundland tossed the pink carnations in the water wihere they floated as sweet reminders of those whose physical presence was missed but whose spirits remain nearby!

And may I add, I'm particularly proud of the Avalon Dragons who won two races and will be bringing some cool hardware back with them!!! This sonnet is for you!

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April said…
A wonderful poem about strength and overcoming challenges.
Sylvia said…
That's beautiful. Every little victory counts. Congratulations to them and you.
Debbie said…
beautiful poem..beautiful dedication!!
Hi Breeze,
At long last I have been able to call - life is crammed at the moment.
I enjoyed your post very much and was touched by the breast cancer victims. Regrettably my wife was diagnosed 12 years ago and was successfully treated. Unfortunately just over a year ago it went secondary and she now has in in her bones, specifically her spine and pelvis, ribs and one shoulder. She has been taking hormone therapy drugs which are holding it at bay but she has just changed to a more powerful drug.

On a lighter note there is a man, a large man, at my place who would like to see you. He respnds to Cerne Abbas. Eddie