Sunday Sonnet

Achievement's Downfall

Eyes closed but I'm awake; lucidity
rarely exits subconscious meditation
silence bills the expert called divinity
the bounty for the cost of all creation

Images play in random arcs and bows
aimless gifts of earthly memories stored
matter grey releases all it knows
and silence fills the chasm that was bored

Eyes opened but I'm asleep; enlightenment
accords the seated swain a chance to glimpse
the absence of the darkest soul's unsettlement
abandoning the pranksters and the imps

Paradoxical disquietude is defunct
silence evades even the saffron monk

Posted early because I won't be around tomorrow! Here is the Sunday Sonnet!
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April said…
That's beautiful, Breeze. I will post a link for both yours and Double dolphins tomorrow when i post mine.
Sylvia said…
How impressive!