Sunday Sonnet

April at A Muse in Me gave me the opening line for this sonnet. Visit her here for an example of her brilliant poetry!

Torpidity, my lassitude's mourner
despairs and stares in disbelief
retreats to a distant cerebral corner
overcome with cranial grief

Depressive incomprehensible anguish
ego-driven false despair
hesitant to ever relinquish
the right to melancholy care

lassitude returns the victor
in the battle quietly waged
lassitude, torpidity's heckler
motivation the compass gauge

Lassitude empowered to nourish
propagates the quintessence flourish

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Sylvia said…
That's a fantastic statement to make from an opening line. Brilliant.
Anonymous said…
great sonnet.
Wendy said…
That's verbally stunning! I read it once, then read it again out loud, and totally enjoyed the beautiful trips and trickles that your words created. Loved it!
April said…
Beautiful Carolyn..absolutely. I love it. I do hope you join often, hope to see another next Sunday :)
Cam said…
I'm going to look up most of those words, and get back to you! ;)

They flow so well together...
twisted angel said…
Now that is what I call a true modern sonnet penned from a real poet. The way she wove beauty in her words is proof of her sheer brilliance and talent. I just can't get enough of how beautiful it is that I had to print it out to be included in my references.
Thank you for the kind words. I love writing sonnets. Everybody should write them! It's a lot of fun!