Row boat

Enveloped within green heaven's leaves
floating adrift on the silent river
embraced by layers of coconut clouds
bluest sky that reaches forever

Above the water, an invisible current
convey the refrain of the people ashore
tacitly feathers float gently on water
released from the swans who swam here before

Peace descends and encompasses all
cloaking it in a love-skinned coat
as the river embraces and warms the island
and kisses the gunnels of the little row boat

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Sylvia said…
The boat is lovely, the river seems so peaceful. I wish I could be rowing... :)
April said…
That sounds like a little paradise. *Sigh* Thanks for that.
Kerry said…
Sounds like heaven.

Lovely to read.
Just Be Real said…
Calming water, quietness is so peaceful. Thank you for sharing Breeze. Blessings.