Rambling Update from a Tired Blogger

I'm in! I've had a heck of a time logging onto blogger! But here I am and guess what? I don't know what to say. I'm tired now, the brain feels muddy and empty(some would say that's nothing new) so I'm just going to ramble on a bit about stuff in general, thoughts that pop out and the way of things. How's that sound?

First off...Dragon Boating..I LOVE it! And we had our second race of the season and we were amazing! We clocked a 2min 22sec time in our first race qualifying us for the "A" division which means we were one of the fastest teams, #5, at the end of all the qualifying races! The best time we did was 2mins. 16 seconds in the final race and we finished 8th over all out of 32 teams. The veterans on the team say this is the fastest time they are aware of the team ever clocking in a race. All I know is that it is exhilarating! When we finished the last race I knew we had flown across that water, it was amazing! We are a good team, we worked well together and we did fantastic. I'm hooked! Oh and I no longer hurt after the practices and races now. I think I'm getting muscles in my arms and shoulders and my endurance is excellent! I can't wait to practice again tomorrow night! Paddles up!

Second. I volunteered at Vacation Bible School today. It's not really my thing but my children attend and love it and they were short a volunteer so I was in. I had a great time and hung out with 4 ten year old boys who were so full of spirit and fun! Now some would say they were misbehaving but mostly they participated and played. I think they were hilarious! Easy for me to say considering I have all girls but there was something about the little spark of mischievous fun that each had, the little pranks, their wild antics, that I found so endearing. They had me in stitches. I think I was supposed to keep them quiet..oops. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had them up and singing by the end of the day! So much fun, not a mean bone in their bodies but full of devilish antics! I`m almost sorry I`m not going back!

Third. I guess I`ll be doing some serious training at Rogers for the reporter gig. That will happen on Thursday and we are also supposed to shadow the producer starting the following week. I`m excited about that! I`m also deep into some article writing, some stuff that actually pays so you`ll notice my blog entries getting further apart. I`m committed to three or four a week in this blog no matter what. There is a greater currency in this space than the dollar bill and I`ll never leave it behind.

Finally. Hubby is away. I miss him a lot. He left last Wednesday and his new phone(don`t buy a blackberry) died the first day! So communication has been almost zero, one phone call of any substance when he popped across the border, but beyond that not a word. I hope he comes home soon.

So that`s it. Just wonderful, crazy, regular, boring life. Kids are healthy, weather is warm, fresh Ontario produce for dinner tonight, many things to be grateful for in spite of being lonely for my sweetheart. I`m tired but I`m content. I think I`ll watch a soap opera and eat dinner! Young and the Restless here I come!

And a question. I watch the Y & R. I have since I was a young girl, maybe around 10. I rarely watch television except the news and Coronation Street but that`s different. I also recently started watching Dr. Who and I LOVE it! So what is your fluff entertainment...trashy novels or silly soaps..give me the scoop. Oh and please excuse my punctuation, my question mark comes out like this É. Wierd uhÉ

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Chuck Dilmore said…
not boring at all!
on the contrary - you're everywhere!

April said…
I enjoyed your rambling! You are busy and enjoying life, that's great :)
Debbie said…
good week!! as for fluff... I love reba!!:) and when Lipstick Jungle was on that was my trashy addiction!! LOL!!!
Daria said…
Always wanted to do the dragon boating but never got a chance ... I think everyone is having issues with blogger these days.