Rainbows and Storks!

Happiness is found in love and love is all around today! It seems that lately a lot of people around me have been having bad news, difficult times and challenges so it is absolutely refreshing to wake up to news that is happy and joyful!

Today my cousin Lori and her husband George gave birth to their first child, a boy named William! He's about a month early I'm told but mommy and baby are doing well! This is the first grandchild for my dear Aunt Christine and Uncle Tom and I'm pretty sure they are very excited with this addition to their family! What is more joyful than the birth of a child? I remember the day my oldest was born, I spent a great deal of time just staring at this beautiful miracle that I made, it's likely the moment of my life that I felt closest the divine source, my greatest creation, my greatest moments of joy have always been those moments immediately following the birth of my children. Nothing compares in life to the miracle of birth and life. Congratulations and welcome to the family! I don't believe it's possible for a child to have born into a better family than our big, loud, loving clan!

I also heard the news that my niece and nephew's uncle Bernard got engaged to be married! I don't know Bernard well, his sister was partnered with my brother so we are connected that way. The reason I celebrate this news is because of the response that others are giving to the happy couple. See his fiance's name is Geoff! When I think of how far this country has come that this couple can not only openly become a couple but can now get married, it makes me proud. It also makes me optimistic that the human race can get past its own silly hangups and celebrate the love of two individuals no matter what their orientation is!

So it's a day of rainbows and storks, a day of love and joy. And to celebrate here is a sonnet I wrote for my own sweetheart a couple of days ago!

Enduring sweet passion, our legacy
two hearts both steadfast and steady
appearing with ease in our history
at the moment our souls were most ready

Time made us friends in antiquity
love made us lovers for life
souls connected in infinity
partners in ease and in strife

Our hands fastened together with care
Our heart strings mimic the gesture
Sweet gift we've been given so rare
intermingled with intimate pleasure

Our love the ultimate dichotomy
sustains our lives in heated tranquility

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Silvia said…
Congratulations. A baby is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a couple.
Kerry said…
A new baby. Something to be celebrated, enjoyed, and every birth is a mirical in itself.

Bernard and Geoff. That is awesome that they are engaged. I wish that we had laws that allowed for this here in Oz.

We are getting there little by little, but it seems that our country is still one of ignorance and intollerance.

But, every small change will add up over time.

You write so beautifully Breeze.

Thanks for sharing.
Shadow said…
congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!!!
April said…
Thanks for sharing all the happy news. Always nice to hear!
Cam said…
Happy news!! I am so thrilled for your family! A new life, and a new life shared...

Beautiful sonnet, Breeze.

I know I say this all the time, but I think this one is my favorite! :)