Navigating Through Life With a Great Crew!

My husband Kent helping Martina navigate the rocky shores of Change Islands

I woke up this morning to a "rejection" for an article. It's OK, it's under review elsewhere and I think it's more suited to that place anyway and I don't really pay attention to rejections anymore. You don't want my stuff, someone else will.

Then I received good news! A poem I wrote a while back was accepted into a Michael Jackson Memorial Anthology that is due for publication on October 31st! I'm excited about that, poetry is my first love and I'd rather publish one poem that came from the wind and the mist and my heart than a zillion articles. Articles are mind stuff. Poetry is pure inspiration. I find it ironic that this happens the day the news comes that it's official that Michael Jackson's death was a homicide. I also find it sad.

Lately things have been crazy hectic, busy for me. It's amazing how many things, how many people are coming into my life, wonderful, artistic, smart, good people, all with gifts to give and lessons to teach. Some of them are online but in real life I'm equally blessed lately.

The television gig is in full swing. I've got calls into people to set up shoots and interviews. I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited! I pitched my first story idea to the producer and she liked it so I'm working on two stories and I'm excited about both of them.

Odd things are happening as well. One lady I contacted sent me a message back and said that she'd heard my name mentioned several times this week and then she opened her email and there I was requesting an interview from her. Apparently people are talking about me. I'm still mulling that over in my mind, letting it register, that putting yourself out there, particularly in something that is as public as television, means you are being watched. And I'm very curious as to what they are saying but I won't be asking, after all, what people think of me really isn't any of my business is it?

The most exciting thing though for me is all of the positive feedback I'm getting from people here and my friends on Face book, many of whom are from my home town back in Newfoundland. If you aren't familiar with Newfoundland, you need to know that people there are the salt of the earth, the very best kind of people the world has to offer. I received so many emails and messages today of congratulations from people back home that expressed genuine happiness for my little poetry success. I know they mean it. Everybody offered such support that it was the highlight of my day answering them all tonight.

This is a good day. Not because I've had some success with my writing but because I've been reminded once again of the success I've had with the people in my life. I always expect to meet wonderful, kind and supportive people and it always happens. Maybe it's easy for me though, because I grew up in a place where that is how life was lived. So the good people come to me. It reinforces for me that a person's expectations are generally met and mine are often exceeded in the support and love I receive from my friends and family in real life and here online! It is these people who help me navigate the rocky shores of life and hold me up when things under my feet are a little unsteady.

Thank you everybody.

I am humbled by your greatness.

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Silvia said…
That's beautiful. Congratulations on your achievement with the poem about Michael Jackson. You're right on your dealing with rejections. I certainly dream of reaching that psychological security. Love.
Shadow said…
wow, congratulations, it's awesome getting your poem published!
that's SUUUUPPPEEERRRRR!!! wow good job! Everything else is good news so yeah, one rejection shouldn't stop you. Congrats on the poem and the television gigs!
Mary said…

You are doing great things, my friend. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your stories.

Sorry about your rejection. I also got one recently but like you, I just keep on going. No one is going to rain on our parades because we won't let them. :-)

Love the photo of your husband and the little one. It will make great memories in years to come.

Mary said…

Thank you for the kind words on the publication of my story. Your support is appreciated.