Infinite Music

Here it is, the Sunday Sonnet! This was a tough one, I kept picturing the Michael Jackson Thriller I simply went with this one is for the Thriller be a part of the Sunday Sonnet simply visit April at A Muse in Me for the first line each week and to read her beautiful sonnet.

Infinite Music
I never want to see you zombified
or as ancient redwoods lying petrified
the energy of ancient rhythms breath
a song of life and whispers please believe.
From your fingertips the melody flows
history's harmony whispers in the meadows
no resurrection of the carbon sort
to play and dance or otherwise consort

Whispy winds of hope dance in your stead
while love is the direction you are lead
pure spirit white with cool and silent power
greeted you when you reached your final hour
The light defeats the dark when terrified
and I know you never will be zombiefied!

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Debbie said…
wow!! it was so sad and yet so pretty!! I loved the line about hope!!!
April said…
"or as ancient redwoods lying petrified"

"Whispy winds of hope dance in your stead"

Definitely my favorite lines, so descriptive. Great poem for the Thriller man.
"The light defeats the dark when terrified..." i like that! positive amidst loss and sadness.
Chuck Dilmore said…
beautiful writing, Breeze!

i wonder what brought this to you, inspired you.

it is strangely fitting for me... Saturday saw a celebration in nature of my sister's life. of 10 children, she was 2nd youngest.

thank you - this is beautiful, my friend~