Hot to the Touch

Embrace most welcome, never forbidden
I dream of the smile that twinkles unbidden
Hot to the touch, your love burns like a fire
fill with pure heat and burning desire

Like a cinder left to smoulder to warm up the dawn
sparks lie beneath the reliable calm
Hot to the touch, yet unexpectedly sweet
hand that I stroke holds mine as we sleep

Day undisturbed by the patter of surpise
peeking ahead to the gift of the sunrise
hot to the touch like the first solar ray
heart beginning anew like the gift of the day

Just a dusting of humour both familiar and new
keeps me loving and needing all that is you
Smile that brightens blue eyes that hold mysteries
still hot to the touch because of our histories

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Sylvia said…
Now that's a hot poem - in the good sense :}
Michelle said…
Oh that was lovely...
Chuck Dilmore said…
Ooo... excellence!
the language of moon and stars!

Shadow said…
this reads like a hug...
Now say it again! - whisper it in my ear, just for me! - very nice poem Breeze - love the new photo I have seen around ~ Eddie
Cam said…
Don't know your taste in music, Breeze, but that makes me think of The Doors. I can just hear Ray playing that one...