Where did it go?

Outside the frosted pane looking back in
She sees her there, the girl that dreamt
of walking along the world's greatest wall
wiping the steam from wanting breaths
I peek at the girl with the visions
of standing in front of the Taj Mahal

She's writing her name in Sahara sands
and doing great things leaving all impressed
with the girl that did all she set out to do
nothing could stop the ambition she held
and then love crossed her path and detoured her dreams
as she paused and decided maybe a child or two

And she holds dreams in her head
while grasping her life in her hands
With baited breath waits for the life she proposed
and watches through tiny holes in the frost
made with her waiting breath and sees
all the dreams she dreamt are not as she supposed

Life in the moment bequeathed from the dreams
different and real and ever satisfying
the big life is little, opportunity pass
great walls and pyramids never realised
dreams pushed aside as the girl watches the frost
fill in the holes she made in the window pane's glass

While beside her the girls with the blonde happy curls
wipe holes in the glass and peer through the clearings
and see dreams in the trees and the ice covered branches
and the girl leans down and breathes their vision wider
with smiles the children glance in wonder at mother and dreams
as the mother smiles down at her two second chances.

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Unknown said…
i am so excited for you beginning on your witchy path- i am an email away if you need me at any time xx
Sylvia said…
The dream is still there, Breeze! And now you have who to share it with. Don't give up!
April said…
Yes, the dream is still there! They never go away. They might sleep for a while, but they can be woken anytime. Just think, its well rested now and ready to burst forth refreshed!!!
Mary said…

I enjoyed catching up on all the posts I've missed. A scurvy elephant is something that many would like to be.

Hope you have a pleasant day.